Thinking About Mail-In Orthodontics? Read This First!

Wouldn’t you love to simply take a selfie, and/or impression of your teeth Young man wearing clear braces.or get your teeth scanned, and receive aligners that straighten your teeth in a few months without even leaving your home? Sounds too good to be true, huh?

This is exactly the type of convenience offered and advertised with direct-to-consumer orthodontics. Companies like SmileDirectClub, Smilelove, SnapCorrect, etc. are appealing because they address the concern most people have about orthodontics: time. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) advises you to take a step back and look at the overall picture before considering the latest alternative to straighten your teeth. Read More

Vegan Diet – While Wearing Braces?

Vegan Diet Merrimack NHWhile we’ve all heard that milk is great for building strong bones and teeth, not everyone drinks milk. Although more Americans are becoming proactive about taking care of their overall health, many of us have dietary preferences that exclude dairy products.

Both calcium and vitamin D are essential to your oral health, but are you getting enough calcium? At Elliott Orthodontics, we understand that some of us simply cannot consume foods rich in calcium, like milk, due to lactose intolerance and dairy allergies…even when wearing braces. We also understand that others choose vegan or vegetarian lifestyles that eliminate certain food groups, increasing the risk for calcium and vitamin D deficiency.Read More

Announcing Our “Summer Smiles” Contest

If your selfie game is on point, and your summer is stock full of fun plans – we want to see your smile.

Each week, Elliott Orthodontics will collect photo submissions for various themes. Small weekly prizes will be awarded, and weekly winners will also be entered into the grand prize drawing!

During the week of August 20th, all submitted photos will be grouped in an online gallery for patients, families, and friends to vote on the winner. One lucky grand prize winner will receive a Gray North Face Borealis backpack with a $50 Visa Gift Card for back to school shopping! Head back to school in style!

Patients will be more than welcome to enter for each category and won’t be limited to one entry! Get creative with your photos! For more information on this contest, or to enter, click here.

We hope all of our patients and their families have a safe and happy summer.