Hometown Heros Contest Winnters!

Hometown Heros Contest Winnters!

Jeanne-Marie Kraemer and Anna Cook – Memorial Elementary School

Anna is one of the kindest people I know. As the school nurse for Memorial Elementary, Anna takes care of all the students and has had an increased workload with promoting best practices for minimizing the spread of Covid at school, documenting cases, helping with contact tracing, and communicating with families about quarantine. In her free time, she leads the girls in the National Charity League, Class of 2022. Her efforts support their volunteering in the community, building their leadership and interpersonal skills. Anna is a true community hero, and does it day in, day out, without any fanfare.


Tim Race and Tim Hammond – Goffstown Police Department

Lieutenant Hammond is always present in the community going above and beyond!  Supporting new force members while celebrating every accomplishment is part of Tom’s every day.  In his free time, he volunteers to dance with his daughters local dance school in their annual recital. The entire community loves seeing Lt. Hammond on the stage!  Goffstown couldn’t ask for a better natural leader on the force!


Gianna George and Jean Demers – School Para Professional

Because of my learning disability I have been in a class called resource since first grade. Through my tough and challenging eight years I have met many caseworkers and paraprofessionals that have guided me to where I am now. But there is this one para teacher that stands out to me the most above all, Mr. Demers. I nominate Mr. Demers as my hometown hero because he deserves so much for what he does for me and my fellow classmates. During my difficult times in school he has always made me feel capable of things that I have doubted myself about. Winning the contest or not I will want him to know that I will always appreciate him for being himself and always making my day. I am sad to say that this year is the last year I will be his student. But I know for a fact that those fun memories and my respect toward him will never change nor go away. Sincerely, Gianna George