Is Chilly Weather Hurting Your Teeth?

As fall begins in many parts of the country, temperatures begin to drop, and leaves begin to change. However, can the cooler weather also cause your teeth to hurt? Keep reading to learn more about how your teeth can react to cooler weather from Dr. Douglas J. Elliott at Elliott Orthodontics.

Do your teeth ever hurt when you eat something hot or cold? When your tooth enamel wears down or your gums recede, it exposes a layer of your teeth that is especially sensitive to temperature changes. The weather can also cause your teeth to experience discomfort. During the winter, your teeth contract in response to intense cold weather. This can lead to cracks in your teeth and cause the same type of pain that you may feel when you eat something cold, like ice cream.

Weather sensitivity can occur regardless of how well you care for your teeth. However, you’re at greater risk of discomfort if you don’t practice good oral hygiene and/or live in an area that has extreme temperature swings. Some common culprits for seasonally sensitive teeth include: periodontal disease, brushing too vigorously, tooth decay, acidic beverages, and more. All of these culprits wear down your enamel and cause greater tooth sensitivity.

Fortunately, there are some suggested fixes for tooth sensitivity. These include: a fluoride application, making a mouth guard, root canal treatment, and more. When you come into the office, it is important to notify the doctor of any tooth sensitivity you may be experiencing. Additionally, never hesitate to contact our office with any questions or concerns about tooth sensitivity or your oral health. We’re here to help!